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The saying “there’s nothing new under the sun” definitely applies to fashion.  New styles are rarely invented these days.  They are recycled and reworked.  This is especially true for the new fall trend – the corset.

Corsets are the true throwbacks in fashion, dating back to the 1600s.  They were initially used as under garments to create a snatched waistline for women, to emphasize their chest, and to correct their posture.  As time and fashion progressed, the use of the corsets evolved from shapewear to outerwear.  Corsets then began to contribute to contrasting and emphasizing the full skirts on most of the dresses women wore during those times.

Over the course of the years, the corset began to change as women began to desire different shapes.  Fast forward to the 2000s, and the corset is a fashion statement that can’t be denied.  Seen on popular celebrities like Rihanna, Megan The Stallion, Lil Kim and more, there’s no denying the corset is a hot fashion item that can be worn a myriad of ways.

In case you plan on rocking this sexy trend for the fall (and you should), we’ve got a little inspiration for you.  Check out five ways you can wear the corset below.

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1. Mz. Chizzy Vogue

If you’re not into showing too much skin while wearing your corset, throw a white button down top under your corset to create a layered look.  We love how this African print corset pops off this white shirt.  Throw some jeans in the mix, a pair of fabulous high heels, and your corset look is complete!  

2. Essence

Don’t for one second think you can’t create a business look with a sexy corset.  Take a page out of Essence’s book, and style a simple corset with some slacks and strappy heels.  You can also throw a blazer over the corset for the boardroom, or ditch the blazer for happy hour.  The corset is made for any setting so don’t limit it just to street wear.  

3. Reine NK

Corsets don’t have to be dressed up.  They are versatile pieces that can look good with almost anything.  We love how Reine casually paired her printed corset with distressed jeans, mules, and a baseball cap.  Although her look is casual chic, the corset brings the entire outfit to life.  We are also digging Reine’s corset’s puff sleeves.  This extra accent on the corset makes it that much more chic!

4. Ornella Marina

What better way to style a corset for the fall than to match it with leather pants?!  Ornella definitely caught our eye with this brown on brown corset look.  The corset, which features spaghetti straps and draping in the front, looked awesome with the pleated, brown leather pants and brown mule sandals.  If simple yet stylish is your mode of operation, this corset look is strictly for you!

5. Dapper Granny

A leather corset?  Oh heck yes!! If you’re going to do a corset in the fall, why not make it leather?  Throw some statement denim on with the corset, add some fly sneakers like Dapper Granny did, and watch heads turn.  The corset is such a fly piece on it’s own that it doesn’t need much to make it pop.  Throw a denim jacket in the mix if the weather permits, and your casual corset look is complete!