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Adam22 shifted into the world of adult entertainment some time ago and made good on diving all the way into the pool after marrying adult film actress, Lena The Plug. Adam22 has been the topic of discussion for weeks after his wife shot a scene with a popular Black adult film star, an experience she said was “fun.”

For weeks now, Adam22 and Lena The Plug both have promoted the OnlyFans exclusive sex scene between Lena and Jason Luv. Several teaser videos of the scene played up the chemistry between Lena and Jason, and it appears now the actual scene leaked online much to the dismay of Adam22 fans. The video was released Thursday (July 13) on Lena The Plug’s OnlyFans page.

For his part, the podcast host, real name Adam Grandmaison, is taking it all in stride and even leaning into some of the jokes of his wife being with a “BBC” and other potentially icky stereotypes. Fans online, however, are calling Adam22 a proud cuckold for letting his wife do the scene, despite the fact he and his wife routinely have sex with other women via Lena’s Plug Talk podcast.

On Adam22’s TikTok, there are several videos of other social media stars such as Kai Cenat saying they want the opportunity to be with Lena The Plug next. Popular streamer Adin Ross also hosted the couple on his livestream. In the clip, Ross asks Lena some prodding questions to which she answered that being with Jason Luv was, quote “fun” and “interesting,” citing that it was the fact it was new that made it so exciting.

In the end, she said that she did prefer Adam22 over Jason Luv but somehow Twitter is seemingly fixated on the fact public sex workers are having sex with other public sex workers.

Despite it all, the jokes are flying at the expense of Adam22 and we’ve got some of the reactions below.

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