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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Recap: Phor & Nina Get Into A Huge Fight

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Phor

This week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor and Nina try to talk about their issues but fail miserably. Draya meets her long-lost sister, Ryan loses an artist, and Don is having some baby mama drama.

Draya Reveals She Might Have Siblings

The episode opens up with 9 MAG undergoing some significant renovations. Ryan decided to add some new booths to the shop. The crew is excited about the changes to the shop but doesn’t want to get in the way of the work and will wait till the work is done and let Ryan decide who gets what booth.

Anyway, Draya, who had always believed that she was an only child, reveals to her coworkers that she discovered that she might have siblings. Through social media, she connected with a young woman who might be her sister as a product of a father she had never met, and after seeing some photos noticed looks just like her. Draya tells everyone she will take time off from the shop to connect with her possible sister.

Draya and her sister decide to take a DNA test to prove if they are related. After a tense Maury moment, the test confirms they are 67% related.

Nina Airs Phor Out On Instagram After The Party

Phor shows up at the shop, and he has plenty of tea to spill to Ryan about the party and what went down with Nina. Phor admits that he didn’t appreciate Nina showing up late to the event and her inviting a man, specifically his neighbor. He then shows Ryan a message Nina posted on her Instagram Stories, slamming him for his behavior at the party.

Nina also said she was fed up with her baby daddy and admitted that she has been too nice when dealing with Phor and his behavior.

During his confessional, Phor thinks that Nina only brought someone to his event because she is on the show, and he wants her to understand that it’s his show, not hers.

Nina links up with Don’s wide Ashley to talk about the party, and she reveals that Phor called her a hoe and didn’t understand why there was an issue because she is single. Nina is still open to the idea of working with Phor for the sake of their son.

Don Is Having Issues With His Daughter’s Mother

Phor is not the only one having baby mama issues. His brother is also having problems trying to co-parent with his daughter’s mother.

Things have gotten worse between Whitney and Don since she moved to Dallas to pursue job opportunities. Don is unhappy because the move has severely limited his time with his daughter, and he can’t get in contact with her. After speaking with Ashley, she convinces Don that he has to fix things with Whitney somehow.

Ceci Bounces Suddenly

Brittany notices Ceci’s booth is empty, she notifies Ryan that his newest artist is gone, and he tells the crew to give her some time to process things, and she will probably return.

Ceci finally calls Shogun and tells him she had to leave suddenly due to personal issues, and she also tells Shogun she is thankful for the time she spent working with him.

Nina & Phor Go At Each Other

Nina and Phor meet to attempt to talk about their issues, and the conversation quickly turns into an intense shouting match. Phor eventually tells Nina maybe she should move out of the apartment he got. Nina is not down with that idea, telling her baby daddy she refuses to be controlled by him.

What a mess.

You can peep reactions to this week’s episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew: Chicago

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