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Black Ink Crew NY Season 10

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

Puma and Teddy continue carrying the Black Ink torch without Ceaser and have narrowed the search for their new artists. The old artists are busy fraternizing with each other, and that could lead to some issues.

And Then There Were Eight

Last week, Puma and Teddy held a “mixer” to meet a gang of potential artists they could bring into the Black Ink brand when they move into their new shop.

This week’s episode opens up with Puma and Teddy going over their potential new artists, and after some discussions, the Black Ink OGs settle on eight of those artists to fill the booths at the new location they have not gotten yet.

Even after locking in the eight artists, there is still some doubt about the mission, and Puma links up with FUBU founder and successful entrepreneur and Shark Tank creator Daymond John. He preaches to Puma that Black Ink is more than just tattoos; it’s a brand, a much bigger movement. John also says that Puma and Teddy must continue to have a firm hold on the Black tattoo culture.

After talking with John, Puma realizes what he must do and decides to book a nice mansion to house the eight artists, where they will put to the tests to see if they are worthy of repping the Black Ink brand. If not, they will be sent home swiftly.

Finding new artists won’t be the only issue. There is still that lingering of Teddy’s criminal record hanging over his head, which he learns will take about 6-8 months to get rid of, which could impact him putting his name down on the new shop’s lease.

Nychelle Is Not Here For Alex’s Games

No longer dealing with Big Mama and becoming a proud amateur porn star, aka OnlyFans creator, Alex has sites on arguably the best-looking Black Ink Crew NYC cast member, Nychelle.

For plot lines sake, we are tolerating this, and Alex, for whatever reason, is playing games with Nychelle, and she is not here for it. Nychelle is all about her business and wants to be successful for herself and her son, and Alex seems to be playing games.

Nychelle is confused because Alex did many things, like come to Houston to see and spend time with her, but his recent behavior at the mixer says otherwise regarding his intentions with her.

Alex is fresh out of his three-year relationship with Donna and is not ready to get into another relationship, and basically wants his cake and ice cream when it comes to Nychelle, but he doesn’t want a relationship.

After a sushi date, Nychelle and Alex further prove they are not on the same page. Alex is not here for Nychelle’s “jealousy,” and Nychelle is not feeling the games Alex is playing.

Alex’s feelings change when he sees Nychelle interacting with other men during a speed dating event he put together for Rok. He tells his coworker he likes her a lot, and the two leave together.

You can see more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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