Last night at the Clara Lionel Foundation-benefiting Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, instead of folks focusing on the very fact why everyone was there—to raise money for CLF’s global education, health, and emergency response programs around the world—they were on the Beyonce’s Internet worrying about the singer’s womb.

See, this video below went viral and got everyone on Twitter believing that the Fenty creator was giving us a full-on baby bump in this black form-fitting Givenchy haute couture gown.


Of course, folks got #RihannaIsPregnant trending on Twitter mad they are the child, delusional in thinking they ever had a chance with her or believing that she owes us an album and can’t live her life:


And of course, men always showing how much they hate Black girl joy:

While Rihanna hasn’t confirmed or denied the news, on Friday morning TMZ squashed the rumors claiming a “sources with direct knowledge” told them, “Sorry, she’s not pregnant.”


But all this hoopla really shines a light on how much we scrutinize women, especially Black women in the spotlight, for even the slightest weight gain. The minute they eat a burrito, get bloated or pack on some pounds, folks are very quick to run their mouth on Twitter and be on baby bump watch.

We can’t imagine spending so much of your life as a performer adhering to super-strict diets and constant workout plans to fit into a certain body type to succeed in a body-obsessed world to finally get to your 30s and say, “I’ma just live,” and resist all that pressure only to have your “imperfections” be amplified for the world to see.

We’ve seen this with Beyonce, especially this year, and now it’s Rihanna’s turn, and honestly, it’s too much.


So while some of y’all wanna keep speculating, these folks right here want y’all to stop being so fixated on RiRi’s stomach and worry about your own.


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