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We have to salute Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for showing such grace during her historic U.S. Supreme Court hearing as a nominee to replace the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

One of the highlights to come after two grueling days of testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee was a touching moment that Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) used during his time on the mic. With just one week left in Women’s History Month, the New Jersey politician gave a speech that showed Brown Jackson every bit of the respect and honor that she’s clearly earned — or, in his now-famous words, “worthy” of.

The reaction to their example of platonic Black love, especially in the cold world of politics, made for a sight to see that still has many on social media reeling in the same joy that Booker describes in his unforgettable speech.


The selfless moment had the whole world moved to tears in similar fashion to those KBJ was fighting back as Booker spoke. “You did not get there because of some left-wing agenda. You didn’t get here because of some ‘dark money’ groups” — a jab the New Jersey Democrat made in reference to attacks on Jackson by some Republicans —  “You got here how every Black woman in America who’s gotten anywhere has done, by being, like Ginger Rogers said, ‘I did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards in heels.’”

Here’s more from his speech that proved to be emotional for all involved, via Yahoo! News:

“Booker was on the verge of tears himself when speaking about Jackson making history as the first Black woman nominated for the nation’s highest court.

‘When I look at you — this is why I get emotional — I’m sorry,’ Booker said, holding back tears. ‘You’re a person that is so much more than your race and gender. You’re a Christian. You’re a mom. You’re an intellect. You love books. But for me, I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to look at you and not see my mom, not to see my cousins.’

‘I see my ancestors and yours,’ he added. ‘Nobody’s going to steal that joy. You have earned this spot. You are worthy. You are a great American.’”

The rest of Booker’s ode to Brown Jackson is better heard than read, including a clever comparison to Beyoncé’s vocal ability.





Take a look below at some of our favorite reactions to the touching moment of Black Love below:



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1. Cory Booker’s voice quavered when he told SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson how proud she made him. Judge Jackson’s eyes filled and spilled a tear. I was moved. But I also knew the emotion in that moment was born of trauma. The trauma of walking through America in black skin.

via @rarobotham

2. Corey Booker to Ketanji Brown Jackson- “You’re my star. My harbinger of hope.”

via @FreeTheKids2020

3. The way they treat Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is what Black people endure in predominantly white spaces. When Sen. Booker said she earned her spot, he said it to all of us. Their solidarity is the familiar head nod or smile we share daily to remind each other that we belong.

via @JamaalBowmanNY

4. It was good for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to cry in response to Senator Booker’s profound words today. She was crying with and for so many of us. And you may have read her bio, but can’t feel her story.

via @BerniceKing

5. Corey Booker is just smashing through! He is mesmerizing. No wonder his magnificent remarks brought Ketanji Brown Jackson to tears of joy!

via @tribelaw

6. I was not prepared for Cory Booker to quote Langston Hughes to Ketanji Brown Jackson. As a Black teacher, a Black mom, and a Black woman who was once a little Black girl who wanted to be the President of the United States when she grew up, whew. Representation matters.

via @heymrsbond

7. Corey Booker’s discussion/speech to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an example of protecting black women. Powerful and heartfelt uplifting this Queen after his colleagues tried to diminish her shine

via @Bklynzgmg

8. Cory Booker using his time to pour into Judge Ketanji is not a performance. When overqualified black women are constantly belittled, attacked, interrogated, disrespected, & demeaned the LEAST any sound & moral person can do is reroute their own agenda to reassure & reassert her.

via @untouchableYann

9. I am so moved by and impressed with Senator Cory Booker. And Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is SUPREMELY qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court. I’m so inspired by them both. They represent public service at its best.

via @glennkirschner2

10. People have said a lot about Cory Booker. Some of it deserved. But right now… the support he is giving Ketanji Brown Jackson is so very appreciated. He is showing up and showing out. It is what all Black Women deserve. #SheWillRise

via @ReignOfApril