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Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and couples around the world will happily celebrate their love for one another. Each year people exchange heartfelt gifts in the form of cards, candy and flowers to their special Valentine. Considering an ongoing pandemic caused by coronavirus, many couples may opt for a take-out meal to enjoy safely at home. Others may consider dining outdoors, with proper precaution, at their favorite restaurant. Whatever couples do to honor the love they have for one another is time well-spent. The holiday is meant to recognize and share love for one another, and that is what is most important. We came up with a list of our favorite television couples, both old and new, and how we envision each of them spending Valentine’s Day. Comment with some of your own predictions below.

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1. Johnny & Moira Rose – ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Johnny & Moira Rose - 'Schitt's Creek' Source:Getty

One of our favorite couples is from the popular Netflix comedy Schitt’s Creek. Johnny and Moira leave their lavish lifestyle behind and learn to adapt to small town living in this six season comedic show. We imagine Johnny and Moira would spend some much needed time in the Presidential suite of their string of Rosebud motels on a budget for Valentine’s Day. Moira would be draped in last season’s designer gown and Johnny in one of his pristine suits as they share a bit of Andre’s finest champagne. 

2. Spencer & Layla – ‘All American’


The beloved couple from CW’s hit drama series, All American, is Spencer and Layla. Their perfect Valentine’s Day date would take place in their hometown of Los Angeles if they could take a moment away from their studies to truly enjoy it. These two lovebirds would enjoy a night out on the town with an intimate dinner for two and a nice photo-op at the city’s historic LACMA lights. How cute would that be?

3. Randall & Beth – ‘This Is Us’

Randall & Beth - 'This Is Us' Source:Getty

Randall and Beth, from the popular NBC drama This Is Us, have constantly redefined “relationship goals” since the show’s inception. Their relationship has seen its’ fair share of ups and downs as Randall started his political career. The pair could use a walk down memory lane this Valentine’s Day. We imagine Randall will take Beth back to the moment he met her at a freshman mixer at Carnegie Mellon University. They would take a stroll on the campus and Randall would have a candlelit dinner prepared for them at the very place they fell deeply in love with one another. 

4. Jamie & Fancy – ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’

Jamie & Fancy - 'The Jamie Foxx Show' Source:Getty

Who remembers Jamie and Fancy from The Jamie Foxx Show? The two had an unusual relationship working so closely to one another, but it was full of love and laughter. These two would spend Valentine’s Day enjoying karaoke and cocktails as Jamie serenades Fancy back to the King’s Tower. 

5. Rome & Regina Howard – ‘A Million Little Things’

Rome & Regina Howard - 'A Million Little Things' Source:Getty

Rome Howard, portrayed by Romany Malco, is a screenwriter in the ABC drama series A Million Little Things. He and his wife Regina, played by Christina Moses, have been through a lot attempting to adopt a baby. Rome also suffers from deep depression, which makes it difficult for the two to catch a break. A perfect date night for this tv couple would be tucked away at a spa including a couple’s deep tissue massage, relaxing music and calming aromatic scents to get the pair in the Valentine’s Day spirit. 

6. Ben & Michelle – ‘The Unicorn’

Ben & Michelle - 'The Unicorn' Source:Getty

Ben and Michelle from CBS’s The Unicorn would benefit from a couples Valentine’s Day retreat with the two other couples on the show. The two live a pretty normal life. Ben runs an audio technology company by day and coaches the local soccer team in the evening while his wife Michelle works in real estate and eventually goes back to school. We imagine the couples take a trip  without their children to the cabins of North Carolina for a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend filled with loads of booze, smores and hot tub games. 

7. Moz & Cocoa McKellan

Moz & Cocoa McKellan Source:Getty

Family Reunion follows a family of six who travel from Seattle, Washington to Columbus, Georgia for the McKellan Family Reunion and decide to stay in Columbus, Georgia to be closer to their family. Moz and Cocoa McKellan struggle with raising their family between their newly modern values and Moz’s southern family’s traditional outlook. The two would spend Valentine’s on a luxurious vacation while the kids stay put with grandma in Columbus. A brief reminder of life before their new country home life. 

8. Bernie & Wanda – ‘The Bernie Mac Show’

Bernie & Wanda - 'The Bernie Mac Show' Source:Getty

The classic sitcom, The Bernie Mac Show, created by Larry Wilmore gave us Bernie and his wife, Wanda. Bernie and Wanda reluctantly step into the role of parents when his sister drops off her three kids — naive Bryanna, nerdy Jordan and teenager Vanessa — en route to rehab. The two do their best raising two very different children, and desperately need a moment to take it all in. Bernie had some romantic moments, so the two might spend Valentine’s Day away from family at local winery and resort. Bernie and Wanda enjoy wine and cocktails throughout the show, so spending time at a winery without a phone call from home might do the pair some good. 

9. Sky & Bloom – ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’


In Netflix’s newly adapted series Fate: The Winx Saga, a group of fairies attend a magical boarding school in the Otherworld, where they must learn to master their magical powers while navigating love, rivalries and the monsters that threaten their very existence. The main character is a fire fairy named Bloom who isn’t quite sure who to trust but she knows she is very attracted to Sky, a specialist student. The feelings are mutual, but their impending fight against the burned ones puts a damper on their growing relationship. An ideal date for this pair would be exploring an alternate universe and making out against the sunset. 

10. Lawrence & Issa – ‘Insecure’

Lawrence & Issa - 'Insecure' Source:Getty

We hate that we love them, but Issa and Lawrence’s relationship on Insecure was a moment. The relationship was full of drama and constant changes, but ultimately they left us hoping it could last the test of time. The pair would spend a Lover’s Day date night at a live show (if that were still a thing) watching their favorite artists perform. If only this could be a reality, but fans will see the outcome on the final season of the show this year.