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Source: Jim Spellman / Getty

Twitter is just so petty. For example, K. Michelle was minding her business on IG Live but the Twitter peanut gallery was hella confused because they say she wasn’t exactly looking herself. 

“All jokes aside. Who tf is this??,” tweeted @MotorCityVIXEN with a screen capture of K. Michelle’s IG Live and well…

It could have been a lack of makeup, poor lighting or even some cosmetic work, allegedly, but the Internets was adamant that the woman on that IG Live was not K. Michelle.

It’s didn’t help that about a week ago it seemed like the singer was on an R. Kelly apologist wave, either.

But hey, we’re just here to compile the jokes and slander. For archival purposes, of course.

Peep some of the better reactions and quasi-investigations below and in the gallery.

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