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‘Martin’ Taught Me Everything I Need To Know About Love  was originally published on

1. Damnnnn Gina!

Damnnnn Gina!

As I watched countless reruns of the greatest sitcom of all times, “Martin,” I realized that these two lovebirds were the perfect couple. Sure they had their fair share of drama, but the one thing that was constant was their undying and unconditional love for one another.

2. Don’t Pretend That Everything Is Fine When You’re Losing It

Your significant other is also your support system. If you notice that something’s off or just not right with them, support them. Don’t let them walk away from you if you can tell they need you.

3. Wait For The Ring If He’s Worth It

If you have been with your lover for some time and you feel he or she is the one, wait. Don’t rush them into commitment, but also don’t have them thinking that you’re willing to keep giving them your best years without the ring.

4. Prioritize Your Mate’s Wellness

Unless it’s an emergency, your mate should not be calling you at work to come and nurse them back to health. But if you value your love’s health and they sincerely need you, be there for them.

5. Never Ever Take Off Your Ring To See If You’ve Still Got It

If you’re married, consider that jewelry a permanent part of your left ring finger. There’s no reason to take it off to hit on singles to see if you’re still hot. None. Leave it on and keep your marriage together.

6. Practice For Better Of For Worse While You’re Dating

Those wedding vows should not only be a part of your marriage, they should be a part of your relationship as well. Martin lost his job, needed Gina and she was there for him, even when he was poised to pawn her engagement ring.

7. Keep You Boo’s Secrets

Pillow talk is usually where all the secrets come out. Talking to your mate about the things and the people in your life is typical, but you should always make sure your lover understands that those secrets should be kept between you two.

8. Contribute To Your Man’s Mental Health

Instead of making your man go crazy, try something different. Try making sure that his sanity is solid and that if he does have a breakdown, you’re right there with him, nursing him back to health.

9. A Couple Who Works Out Together, Usually Works Out

Want a dynamic way to spend time together, all while increasing your health and wellness? Try working out together. Let’s not forget the endorphins that rush your system after working out. These little guys make you feel good and what’s better than feeling good with your boo?

Support your boo if they have a lot of fitness. Encourage them by cooking healthy meals or giving fit gifts!

10. Stand By Your Man, Even If A Mystery Kid Comes Out Of The Woodworks

Martin’s alleged illegitimate son came out of nowhere and Gina immediately decided that she would stay by her man, no matter how it worked out. Even with her mother urging her to leave Martin, she stayed, confronted the baby’s mother and even supported Martin when he found out that “Marvin” wasn’t his.

11. Be Your Lover’s Best Friend

You should always be friends with your significant other first. That means trying some of the things they’re interested in and vice versa. Discovering one another’s hobbies is a fun way to bond.

12. Make Sure Your Relationship Isn’t Based On Just Sex

Sexual chemistry is a component of a healthy relationship, but it’s not the only thing. Your lover should be your best friend and the cherry on top is that you get to sleep with them. Get to know your lover beyond the sheets; it makes for more fun in the relationship.

13. Don’t Let It Bother You If She Makes More

Martin couldn’t stand it when he found out Gina made more money than him. These days, women are setting a different tone by breaking barriers in the workplace, often making equal, if not more pay than men. This shouldn’t be a make or break in your relationship. Look beyond the paycheck and celebrate your boo for being a boss!

14. Defend Your Woman’s Honor

Gina might have come into the high school reunion looking like who did it and why, but even though Martin was embarrassed about her appearance, he realized that the discombobulated Gina was the love of his life and he wasn’t treating her with respect and wasn’t letting his classmates clown her.

Take notes–always treat your boo with the utmost respect and be ready to have their back, no matter what.

15. Let Your Man, Be A Man

No matter how crazy his ideas get, support him on it and let him learn his lesson the hard way. Sometimes a man just gotta be a man and that might mean that their ideas will get them hurt. Don’t laugh at them. Support them. And in case their head gets swollen from their bad ideas, be there to ice it.

16. Meeting The Parents

Always be yourself when you’re meeting your significant other’s parents. Putting on a forced representation of yourself doesn’t help. If you plan on being around for the long haul, you may as well let them get to know the real you without being outwardly rude or crass.

And like Martin, you should never let your significant other’s parents belittle you. Stand up for yourself, but keep it cute.

17. Don’t Try To Change Your Significant Other

Gina was known for being the most “cultured” in the relationship. When she gifted Martin with an sculpture of a booty, she was trying to get him to appreciate art. Martin only saw the joke in it and his belittling of Gina’s gift–dividing them. You need to love your lover for who they are and not try to change them. You can grow together, but leave the changing to them…if that’s what they want to do.

18. Fight For Your Man, When He’s Right

Gina did not like Martin talking to his old, hot teacher, Miss Trinidad. She knew that something was going on and didn’t trust him, but once she took some time to think it over, she realized Miss Trinidad wanted Martin and then came to his side and took her aggression out on Miss Trinidad. She admitted her faults and let Martin know that she would always fight for her man.

19. Never Make Your Lover Feel Less Than

No one is asking you to be blind, but there should be no reason that when your lover is in the room, that you notice someone else and obsess over their looks. Do not over-admire when your love is in your presence.