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Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

Monica has shut it down in her white sandals and designer boots since day one. 

From the moment she popped up on the Southern music scene, it was clear that she was special. The humble pre-teen turned stylish Atlanta singer was signed to Rowdy Records

Dallas Austin discovered her when she was twelve years old. Her first album debuted in 1995. It hit the Billboard charts at a time when you still had to scurry down to your local FYE to hear your favorites. 

The first time we saw Miss Thang sit somberly on that curb and let a full-throated note fly from her MAC chestnut-lined lips, we knew she was nothing to play with. 

2022 Lovers & Friends Music Festival

Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

Since then, she has stood tall while releasing hit after hit. Fans have watched her declare that the boy was hers and hers alone, become a mother, realize what she was really made of, endure all eyes on her, thrive after the storm, and chase after a new life.

Monica has switched up her sound and her style multiple times. Each time, she has returned with a new perspective to offer her audiences.

She has kept it classy while enduring public ups and downs and found a way to spread encouragement in and out of the studio. See the reasons why we will love Monica forever below.

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1. She Is A Fashion Gworl

She Is A Fashion Gworl Source:Getty

Monica has been a style chameleon since the time she stood out with unexpected accessories like the armband she used to cover her tattoo at her mom’s request.

Her style has evolved while evolving in the public eye. “People don’t really recognize that I grew up and found who I was, as far as fashion’s concerned, right in front of their eyes,” she told ESSENCE’s Rivea Ruff.

She has moved on from the sandals that social media jokingly calls the “Air Monicas” that she did not pick out on her own. “When you met me, I was 13. But if you look at my very first album, I picked out an over-the-knee boot, and it’s on the cover,” she said.

Her love for over-the-knee boots is just one aspect of Monica’s style. She favors dramatic animal prints, bold styles of shades, tailored suits, graphic column dresses, ladylike gloves, chic berets, voluminous sleeves, flowing jackets, and matching sets.

2. She Is A Beauty Chameleon 

She Is A Beauty Chameleon  Source:Getty

“I’ve used Cetaphil for almost 10 years. I use it on my face, hands, body, everywhere. That’s the one thing that I always use. People always ask me what I do, especially when I have to wear makeup for work, which can be a little tricky, but that’s the one product that has kept my skin even for many, many years,” she told ESSENCE.

3. She Loves Her Babies More Than The Mic

She Loves Her Babies More Than The Mic Source:Getty

Style clearly runs in the family. Monica’s children Rodney, 18, Romelō, 15, and Laiyah, 9, always dress as fly as their momma. She also maintains a close relationship with her 27-year-old bonus child, Ramone, who is the son of a previous partner. 

Her commitment to parenting goes well beyond the surface. She schedules work commitments around the needs of her family rather than the other way around. “Me being away from my children too long is non-negotiable,” she told PEOPLE in 2017. “It’s not an option, and anytime I work, I make that clear up front.”

“I won’t not see my children — nothing is that important to me,” she added. 

The singer also refuses to do reality television that would not reflect the best of her children’s image of her. 

“I would only join a show that I could also be executive producer of because what my children see me do is important to me,” she said.

4. She’s Loyal

She's Loyal Source:Getty

Kid Fury and Crissle often joke on “The Read” podcast that Monica is friends with everybody. The daughter of the A pops out at every christening, wedding, and baby shower to show her friends some love, and we love to see it.

Her loyalty knows no bounds. She is dedicated to helping rapper C-Murder, who was arrested in connection with a nightclub shooting in 2002, gain his freedom. And when fans had something to say about the pair’s connection? She was quick to dismiss them and tell them to mind their business.

5. Her Lyrics Are Healing

Her Lyrics Are Healing Source:Getty

Long before every start was rushing to spout about their trauma, Monica was committed to encouraging her fans through transparency.

Anthems like “Still Standing” and “Knock Knock” have brought us solace on many nights when we thought we would not make it.

She is also versatile because while she pours healing into our AirPods, she can easily crank out a turn-up track.

“Everytime Tha Beat Drop” was released in 2006, and it still slaps.