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Anyone paying close attention to the policy updates when it comes to teaching Critical Race Theory in the state of Florida can see that things are getting way out of control, especially now that Governor Ron DeSantis is enforcing the erroneous notion that enslaved Black people developed “skills” that led to their advancement.

…sir, WHAT?!

Getting back to reality, it appears the historic Black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha felt the same cultural confusion that we just did, so much so that the organization is moving their upcoming 2025 convention out of the Sunshine State.



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Alpha Phi Alpha General President Willis L. Lonzer III spoke with The Hill on what ultimately influenced their decision to get out of dodge — the “dodge” being Orlando, FL in this case — telling the outlet, “Governor DeSantis has continuously advocated for laws and policies that negatively impact Black people and other marginalized communities.” He elaborated on his point by adding, “We start first with the laws rejecting the teaching race and the cultural diversity of our nation. We can even talk about the bill that he supported, banning [diversity, equity and inclusion] initiatives in colleges and universities. But the final straw really was his advancement of this new curriculum standards released last week, suggesting enslaved people developed skills that could later be a personal benefit to them, which is absolutely absurd.”

The new guidelines in Florida, which were approved last week to much debate, enforce that any lesson that relates to race must be taught “objectively” that, in their words, doesn’t “indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view.” As mentioned previously, the core rule that has many people talking is one that will teach Floridian students that, “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

Although the 2025 Alpha Phi Alpha Convention is still in search of a new location, the organization is dead set on their decision that is expected to cost Orlando roughly $4.6 million in revenue. “We will not spend our money where Black people and other marginalized communities are continuously harmed by policies at the highest level of government,” Lonzer told The Hill. Heard you, king!

What the hell is going on in Florida, y’all?! Let us know your thoughts on the 2025 Alpha Phi Alpha Convention being moved out of Florida, and see what some are saying below over on social media:

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1. This is Unity 🤙🏾

via @AttorneyGriggs

2. My ice cold brothers are leading!

via @clnfairfax

3. I support my brothers 💅🏾💗💚. Move those dollar’s from an environment that is hostile to the Black community. But DeeSantis should also know, Black People ain’t running anywhere.😤

via @Come_Oon_Man

4. Good for APhiA! ✊🏽👏🏽👏🏽 This should be a decision ALL black organizations should be making. Sad for our POC down there in the meetings/events/hospitality industry. I’m sure they’ll feel the effects of the decrease in revenue HOWEVER COMMA black dollars matter so move em out of FL

via @DrDLC2b

5. BRAVO!!!! All of Divine Nine should NOT host conventions in Florida going forward!! I see you Alpha Phi Alpha! Bold move…take our Black economic dollars elsewhere!

via @DrLenaG

6. I need to know where they moving it to……for research purposes.


7. Logical. I won’t be going to any conferences or conventions in Florida, which is a shame because there are a couple annual cons there that I’ve enjoyed.

via @finchfrii

8. Love this! Hopefully the Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. do the same and bring it back to Charlotte. 😭

via @SoooSweetKitty_

9. LEAD FROM THE FRONT BROTHERS! Others are certain to follow! @GovRonDeSantis doesn’t like our history and certainly doesn’t like our money in his economy! MOVE YOUR CONVENTIONS OUT OF FLORIDA ASAP! I APPLAUD YOU BROTHERS!!! 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾💕💚💕💚 @akasorority1908 @apa1906NETwork

via @AndPampered

10. That’s a start. We love our Alpha Brothers.

via @CourtHinton