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NFL: SEP 10 49ers at Steelers

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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams

Alrighty guys, it’s Tuesday and you know it’s time for what will become our weekly power rankings.

You may ask “Andy, how will you come up with these rankings”? The answer is by my substantial GUT…so, let’s call them my Gut Power Rankings as we head into week 2.

Week 1 saw quite a few surprises…the Bengals pay their QB and then score 3 points in Cleveland, the Steelers/Giants/Vikings lay eggs at home, and the Jets go from Super Bowl hopeful to season over.

We’ll talk about these on air on Wednesday so leave a comment or Tweet (errr X me) at @TheOnlySweeney..

Let’s jump into our NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams below!

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1. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Source:NFL

The Niners were one of the few teams who lived up to expectations on Sunday. At one point they led the Steelers 223-1 in total yardage, and for all the Trey Lance angst, Brock Purdy was great again.

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2. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Source:NFL

You’ll get used to my man crush on HC Mike McDaniel. Tua tossed for 466 yards as the offense tallied up 36 points. Here’s a stat…Tyreek Hill had 215 yards; Daniel Jones threw for 104.

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3. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Source:NFL

Realistically, I should have Philly lower but, in the end, they did go into New England on “Tom Brady Day” and get the win. It’s worrisome they were able to score only 9 points over the final three quarters, but I respect their roster too much to think they won’t rebound.

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4. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Source:NFL

Sunday night was more about the Giants stinking than the Cowboys, but the ‘Boys looked fantastic. That defense is nasty, and you saw Mike McCarthy do what he wants to do…run the damn ball.

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5. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Source:NFL

What to do with KC? They lost by 1 and didn’t have Travis Kelce and Chris Jones. That will change going forward.

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6. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Source:NFL

On The Wake Up Call I picked the Ravens to win the AFC North. They weren’t spectacular in week 1, but I’ll still believe for another week. Hey, what about a call to the Colts for Jonathan Taylor?

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7. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Source:NFL

The Lions are another team that lived up to the preseason hype by beating the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Hey Man Campbell, get the ball to Jahmyr Gibbs.

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8. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Source:NFL

I wasn’t overly impressed with Jacksonville in week 1, but they still have a top 3-4 skill position core in the NFL. Can Josh Allen keep up his fast start to the season?

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9. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Source:NFL

What are we supposed to do with Buffalo? Talk of their window closing looked confirmed on Monday night. Josh Allen was a mess and they have yet to find an upper level starting RB. Perhaps it was just playing against a great Jets defense…perhaps.

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10. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Source:NFL

Sorry Bears fans.

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11. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Source:NFL

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to do with Cleveland either. I thought they’d flirt with last place in the division, but they did push the Bengals around on Sunday. Watson was solid enough and they did what they wanted to do…run the ball.

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12. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Source:NFL

I’m still a Joe Burrow fan boy and am hoping week 1 was an aberration. With Baltimore looming in week 2 it’s not inconceivable the Bungles are sitting at 0-2.

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13. Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Source:NFL

This is way too high for the Chargers, but I love the Dolphins and it was a close/great game. A few more losses and the Chargers will be looking to dump HC Brandon Staley.

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14. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Source:NFL

The duo of Bijan Robinson/Taylor Allgeier combined for 177 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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15. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Source:NFL

I expect the Saints to plummet in the coming weeks, but on Sunday they took advantage of a washed Ryan Tannehill. David Carr did throw for over 300 yards and Chris Olave got off to a quick start in his sophomore campaign.

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16. New York Jets

New York Jets Source:NFL

Let’s be honest, Zach Wilson stinks and the Jets season is over. But on Monday they did push Buffalo around and that should mean something even if only for a week.

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17. New England Patriots

New England Patriots Source:NFL

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Bill Belichick being praised for a close loss at home to Philly. On a positive note, Mac Jones did look competent under new OC Bill O’Brien.

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18. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders Source:NFL

I still don’t think much of Sam Howell or Washington, but a win is a win. We’ll see in the next 4 weeks if Sunday was simply one bad team beating another bad team.

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19. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Source:NFL

I’m guilty of being one of those people who thought the Rams might tank the season for Caleb Williams. Welp.

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20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Source:NFL

If we’re not talking about Baker Mayfield on Monday or Tuesday that’s probably a good thing for Tampa Bay.

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21. Las Vegas Radiers

Las Vegas Radiers Source:NFL

I still think the Raiders stink but they did hand Sean Payton a home loss in his return to the NFL. Plus, new WR Jakobi Meyers was fantastic.

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22. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Source:NFL

I’d love to blame Kirk Cousins but the Vikings ran for just 41 yards on Sunday. Yuck.

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23. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Source:NFL

Why don’t I have the Seahawks lower? I’m asking myself, sorry. Besides the Giants this was one of the more pathetic performances of the weekend. Is the Geno Smith reclamation project over?

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24. Tennessee Titians

Tennessee Titians Source:NFL

I really believed in the Titans getting back to the postseason and contending in the AFC South. But guys let’s be honest, Ryan Tannehill looked washed throwing 3 picks and Derrick Henry had just 15 rushes.

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25. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Source:NFL

This could still be too high for Chicago. How exactly does DJ Moore only get 2 catches for 25 yards?

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26. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Source:NFL

Locally, the Colts were seen as valiant in leading Jacksonville in the 4th quarter and keeping the game close. That same grace won’t be given this weekend against Houston. Anthony Richardson was solid but not spectacular.

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27. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Source:NFL

They were supposed to be a playoff team and a sexy pick to rebound. What a pathetic performance on Sunday.

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28. Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Source:NFL

Bryce Young throwing the ball 38 times isn’t the recipe for a win in Carolina. Also, what a bonehead move from Hayden Hurst tossing Young’s first TD throw into the crowd.

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29. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Source:NFL

At least starting your tenure with an onside kick was fun!

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30. Houston Texans

Houston Texans Source:NFL

Much like my Bryce young analysis, CJ Stroud throwing the ball 44 times is ridiculous. It’s possible Houston might be last on this list in the coming weeks.

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31. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Source:NFL

Do you really want analysis of the worst roster in the NFL? Guys, Josh Dobbs averaged 4.4 yards per completion.

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32. New York Giants

New York Giants Source:NFL

Gutless. The Giants paid their QB, RB, LT, and Kicker and they all stunk on Sunday night. It was a rough 48 hours at MetLife Stadium.

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