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'Power Book II: Ghost': "Divided We Stand" Ep.10 Recap

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

We know it leaked, but the Power Book II: Ghost season three finale still slapped and honestly was more enjoyable in full HD quality. Previously in the season’s penultimate episode, Effie (Alix Lapri) is torn about snitching on Riq (Michael Rainey Jr.), and Saxe (Shane Johnson) is still making Riq’s life miserable from beyond the grave. Brayden (Gianni Paolo) finally steps up and takes out Uncle Lucas (David Walton) before he snitches, and the Tejada kids learn Monet (Mary J. Blige) killed their beloved papi.

That all leads to this week’s fantastic season finale that delivers on the double-crossing and treachery we have come to expect from the Power Universe. So let’s dive in.

Monet & Noma Come To An Understanding

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Monet has no idea her kids know she is behind Papi’s death and is still positioning herself to be in charge. She meets up with Noma (Caroline Chikezie) and Obi (Kyle Vincent Terry) to pitch the idea of her becoming the solution to all of Noma’s problems.

Monet promises to keep all of her kids, including Riq, in line and move all of the drugs that are piling up in the warehouse. Before Noma agrees, she wants one answer, what happened to her fiance, Mecca? The powerful women exchange dialogue about the dead government informant, with Monet telling Noma she doesn’t care about Mecca anymore and would do anything to protect her children.

Noma tells Monet she is just trying to cover all the angles before getting in business with her and, for good measure, slashes her loyal servant, Obi’s face, for what she claims was deception.

But it would seem the two are now working with each other, which now will make Riq’s mission to get out from underneath both Noma and Monet even more difficult.

Monet breaks the news that she is now in charge to Cane (Woody McClain), Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray), Riq and Brayden. Dru is absolutely upset.

She tells Riq to step outside to talk and immediately pulls a gun on him asking him why did he tell her kids she killed Lorenzo (Berto Colon)? Riq denies that and counters by asking her why she told Tommy where he can find his mother and she denies doing that.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Monet then tells Riq he needs to get his women in check and keep them from snitching.

Riq Is On A Mission To Find Tommy

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Last week Riq and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) came face to face as the young hustler showed up just in time to stop his “uncle” from killing his mother (Naturi Naughton).

Before Riq could pull the trigger, Riq was knocked out, and he woke up in the hospital to bad news learning that his mother was missing. He believes Tommy got his mother’s location from Saxe, and knows he has to move quickly to find where his mother is being held at.

After speaking with Brayden, who is fresh off from pushing his lying a** uncle off a roof, Riq head’s to the one person who may know where Tommy is, his mother, Kate Egan (Patricia Kalember).

Kate quickly tells Riq she doesn’t know where Tommy is but says a red-haired woman came by the house with a letter to give to Tommy. Riq quickly assumes it was Monet when Kate mentions the woman’s name began with an M, telling Kate that the letter contained the location of his mother.

Riq tells Kate to let Tommy know he’s looking for him, and she warns him that he does not want to get Tommy’s bad side, but Riq is not scared.

Tommy & Riq Hash Things Out

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Folllowing his conversation with Monet, revenge is still fresh on his mind and he pulls out his gun and is about to shoot her while she walks away but Obi comes out just in time to stop him.

Obi and Riq are working together and he convinces Riq to chill and tells him to get those green cards he promised him while making good use of the extra time he got Riq by stalling which resulted in his face getting slashed.

Riq, of course, does not listen and follows Monet who drives off after calling Diana trying to get that information about him being a s snitch.

His tailing mission is interrupted immediately by Tommy who tells him to follow him. The two have a standoff and before things get out of hand Tommy explains what went down that night.

We learn Tasha knocked out her son before he could pull the trigger and while Riq was unconscious Tommy and Tasha hashed things out. Tasha reveals to Tommy that LaKeisha was going to snith on him and Riq and she could not let that happen.

Tommy warns his nephew that he can’t have one foot in and one foot out, he either has to be all in, or choose to be a civilian.

Riq chooses the gangster life and asks can he count on his uncle to back him up, Tommy says nah, because he has is own sh*t to worry about in Chicago, and before he leaves, tells Riq to “be smart.”

The Effie & Lauren Problem

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Riq has a problem, and it happens to be the two women he has feelings for. Both Effie and Lauren have the power to burn them all if they wound up cooperatiing with the feds and that can’t happen.

Effie is currently on lockdown and, but Monet tells Cane she would take care of the issue herself since he is so whipped and couldn’t seem to do it. So she puts in a call on the inside to have a prisoner kill Eiffie, someone, presumably Cane gets a phone on the inside to Effie telling her to watch her back.

When a prisoner sneaks in her holding cell via the conveniently unlocked door, she was ready and stops her shanking until two guards show up.

After the ordeal, she gets a visit from Riq and she tells him she has the info on Noma’s daughter, but she won’t tell him anything until he finds a way to get her out of prison.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Riq does come up with a plan and it involves Lauren. He enlists Cane to find Lauren’s (Paige Hurd) family to use them as a bargaining chip telling her if she doesn’t testify against Effie nothing will happen to them.

Lauren decides to talk with Effie herself and the two have a conversation that was a long-time coming where Effie tells Lauren what happened wasn’t personal, it was business.

The next front of the grand jury, Lauren flips her entire story, burying the feds case and allowing Effie to walk. Lauren leaves town with her family, and Effie gives Riq the info he wants but also deads all ties with him.

Tate Loses Even When He Wins, Save Has One More Trick Up His Dead Sleeve

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Councilman Tate (Larenz Tate) is finally seeing his political ambitions take shape. He won the seat, and finally Harper (Keesha Sharp) agree to marry him.

Davis MacLean (Clifford “Method Man” Smith) pays him a visit after a conversation with Riq. Davis wants Tate to get the charges against Diana dropped and Tate agrees to do it for a “small” donation to his campaign.

Tate has no idea that Harper is listening in on the conversation and she is sad to hear that her new fiance is still corrupt as hell.

She decides to leave in disgust and on her way out tells a reporter that the fairytale story she was hoping to write about the couple is not what she thinks it is.


Another familiar face shows up this episode, Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez), the sister of the late Angela Valdez (Lela Loren). If you haven’t noticed, Paz’s son followed in his aunts footsteps and has been working on the case and was the recipient of letter from Saxe, but we don’t learn the contents of the envelope he receives.

The Tejada Kids Want Monet Gone

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Diana and Dru have finally reached their breaking point with their momma and devise a plan to finally rid themselves of her rule. The catch to the plan is that Riq has no idea he will be the key player in it.

Diana catches up with Riq at her dorm room to break down the entire plan of how he can finally take her out with her help. Riq doesn’t want to do because it may force his family to go on the run again, but Diana proposes an idea that could avoid a war.

Without Cane knowing the plan is to do a coordinated hit, but things does not go as planned when Tasha rolls up spraying bullets into the car, hitting Monet multiple times.

Before the hit Monet was explaining why she treats Diana and her siblings the ways she does and it seems to resonate with Diana who gets cold feet, but it was already too late, plus Tasha ruined the intinial plan. Diana is also sad because Monet shielded her from bullets, sacrificing herself.

We also learn that it was Diana who showed up at Tommy’s mother’s house with the letter, so everything that has been happening was a direct result of Dru and Diana’s plan to kill both Monet and Riq.

While in the hospital, Monet is in critical condition. Dru and Diana stick to the original plan of blaming Riq, and sending Cane to kill him, despite them know it wasn’t Riq who did it.

War Is Coming

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

After a conversation with Brayden where the preppy white boy tells Riq he is not about the gangster life, and his mother convincing her that he can do the drug dealing thing Riq meets up with Noma.

He comes there with a proposition to take Monet’s spot after the attempt on her life. Noma asks him if he knows who did it and he says no but Obi says someone says otherwise and Cane walks out from the shadows, followed by Diana and Dru.

Riq begs Diana to tell the truth but she sticks to her plan with Dru pinning the the attempt on their mother’s life on him.

Running out of options Riq blurts out the name of Noma’s daughter claiming he has eyes on her, but that plan quickly falls apart when Noma says she knows what is going on. Effie then walks out of the shadows revealing that he has no allies at the moment, but before things go really bad for Riq, a miracle happens.

The lights in the warehouse shut off, and Brayden shows up gun blazing, taking someone out, tossing Riq a gun and they shoot their way out of the situation like Tommy and Ghost.

They hop in Brayden’s car and drive off, Riq knows an all out war with Noma and the Tejadas is all but certain and the epiosde ends.

Twitter has been buzzing following the epic season finale, you can see the reactions below.

Photo: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

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