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R. Kelly Mugshot

Source: Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Department of Corrections

As most are still wiping the crust out of their eyes after watching the late-starting VERZUZ battle between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole, another name was floated about. R. Kelly was trending this morning on Twitter as someone who would clean up in such a competition but fans on Twitter are dragging the alleged creep by his prison jumpsuit.

Given that VERZUZ is a celebration of a star or group’s biggest hits framed as friendly competition, names are always floated about with certified artists such as Usher, T.I., and others who have yet to engage in one of the live stream battles.

It was initially difficult to determine how Kelly’s name became a top trending topic on Friday morning (Jan. 22), but it’s been said that some of his music was playing during Thursday night’s battle. But one thing that is evidently clear is that most people are getting the imprisoned crooner out of here.

Much of the reaction has an odd juxtaposition of realizing that the heinous crimes that Kelly has been accused of should loom way higher than his lengthy catalog of familiar songs. Yet, there are some defenders of Kelly’s musical legacy who argue that despite all that comes with Kelly regarding the accusations of abuse and mistreatment of young women, he would clean up anyone in a VERZUZ.

While the likelihood of Kelly seeing the light of day is slim, it would also be a chilly day in the hot spot down below before anyone would agree to have him featured in the wildly popular VERZUZ series even if he were a free man.

For now, Kelly, unable to defend against the waves of slander coming his way, is the target of an exceptionally potent dragging on Twitter at the moment and we’ve got the reactions listed out below.

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