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After what proved to be a very interesting time in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has confirmed that he’s not seeking a second term in Congress.

In a lengthy post on X (formerly Twitter), Santos made his announcement. In part, he writes, “I am humbled yet again and reminded that I am human and I have flaws, but I will not stand by as I am stoned by those who have flaws themselves.”

Santos continues that he’s willing to serve as long as he is allowed but won’t seek a second term “as my family deserves better than to be under the gun from the press all the time.”

This decision follows a jaw-dropping report from the House Ethics Committee, which was released following a months-long investigation into the GOP rep, who has been indicted on several charges, including fraud.

The report reveals that Santos used campaign funds for personal purposes. Those personal purchases include purchases on OnlyFans and Sephora. He has also used funds to pay down personal debts and for a $4,127.80 purchase at Hermes.

It was found that Santos also “engaged in fraudulent conduct in connection with RedStone Strategies LLC; and engaged in knowing and willful violations of the Ethics in Government Act as it relates to his Financial Disclosure (FD) Statements filed with the House.”

The committee said that Santos’ conduct “warrants public condemnation, is beneath the dignity of the office, and has brought severe discredit upon the House.”

To say that social media is having a field day with Santos’ continued foolery would be an understatement. Check out the reactions below!

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