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Investing in stock? Why bother when your handbag can produce better returns. A Hermès Birkin handbag sold for a whopping $300,168.00 at an auction in Hong Kong, making it the most expensive handbag ever auctioned on the market. Find out what else you could buy with all that dough.

This Handbag Cost Over $300K: Here Are 10 Other Things You Could Buy With That Kind Of Cash  was originally published on

1. Get In Formation

Get In Formation

You can be a Beyonce fan, but are you in the Bey Hive? Stand on stage during the Formation concert with 152 of your friends for the same price as one Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag!

2. Attend the Met Gala

Attend the Met Gala

The average cost of a Met Gala ticket is $25,000.00….and that’s if you even get an invite. Once you factor in preparation, a fancy dress, transportation and more…you’re looking at paying a little over $62,000.00 to attend. For the price of that super expensive Birkin bag, you can take you and four of your best friends to the Met Gala. Maybe you can get Lupita Nyong’o to go in on a table with you.