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Teddy Riley & His Janky Sound Setup Is Getting Clowned On Twitter

Source: Erika Goldring / Getty

Sorry folks, you’re going to have to put the outfit you had ready for the Teddy Riley #VERZUZ Babyface battle away one more time. Due to technical issues on Riley’s end, the highly-anticipated Instagram Live event got postponed…AGAIN.

All week long, Twitter was hyped to see these titans in the music industry throw up their plethora of hits against each other. The initial battle between the two legends got its wig pushed back after Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds revealed on his birthday (Apr.10) that he and his entire immediate family caught the coronavirus.

In the same breath, the “Soon As I Get Home” crooner revealed that he and his family had tested negative and were on the mend and accepted the challenge to battle Riley. Which now leads us today (Apr.18), which pretty much sums up the year 2020.

Right from the jump, Riley looked like he was doing way too much cause he had a whole setup with a team of people working on getting everything together. Usually, when these battles take place, it’s just the producers/writers in a studio playing their hits off a laptop but not Riley, he had to take it to another level. Once Babyface arrived, fashionably late might we add, 400,000 people were in the room watching, ready for the greatness that should have gone down.

Immediately viewers noticed Riley’s sound setup was awful, despite having all of that equipment in the room with him. We could barely hear any of the songs he played. They eventually paused the live to try and rectify the issue. They tried a second time, and things sounded a little bit better, but it still wasn’t perfect, leading to another stoppage, which would be the last.

Initially, Riley and his team of people told viewers to come back around 10:30 PM EST, and everything would be ready to go. Babyface had different plans and announced on his Instagram page that the event has been postponed again.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland hopped on Instagram Live to talk about the situation, and Swizz didn’t bite his tongue, pointing out that Riley was doing too much.

Teddy Riley has taken two Ls already, and when this battle does happen, he might just take another one. Well, we didn’t get the epic moment we wanted, but at least Twitter came together and gave us jokes. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Erika Goldring / Getty

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