A new book said that former president Barack Obama privately criticized Hillary Clinton for her handling of the famous email scandal that many believed led to her presidential loss.

One Maryland mom's tactic to get her son to vote for a specific candidate was unique enough to make her video go viral.

During this week debate,  Apple drooped  a commercial for Mary J Blige new show titled “The 411”. During the interview, Mary serenaded Democratic president nominee Hilary Clinton with a song written from Bruce Spingsteen titled “American Skin.” Viewers didn’t like the commercial too well , it was awkward to watch. Mary wasn’t happy about the backlash […]

Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are clashing over a number of issues ahead of Michigan’s presidential primary. At a CNN debate in Flint, the Democratic candidates talked about the city’s water crisis. The two also sparred over guns, and talked about racism. Both candidates made the argument that they would defeat Donald Trump if he […]

  Before the days of Barack Obama, the African-American community affectionally embraced Bill Clinton as the first Black President. Of course, that all changed when the…