There was plenty of star power featured in the commercials during Super Bowl 52. Here are the best of the best. Matt Damon: Stella Artois Morgan Freeman & Peter Dinklage: Doritos vs. Mountain Dew Ice   Bill Hader: Pringles   Chris Pratt: Michelob ULTRA Rebel Wilson, Jeff Bezos (and others): Alexa   Danny DeVito: M&Ms   David Harbour: Tide […]

Matt Damon is back in the Bourne franchise with his latest movie, Jason Bourne.

Actor Matt Damon should be promoting his upcoming film, The Martian, instead he’s found himself defending some out of this world comments. Recently he used the power of white privilege to “enlighten” film producer, Effie Brown, the only African American participant in his Project Greenlight contest, on the unimportance of diversity in film.    Upon backlash, […]