Charles Barkley has never been one too afraid to speak his mind, and in a recent interview he spoke on the Seattle Seahawk Russel Wilson situation and how it’s believed that he was getting into altercations with teammates because he wasn’t “black enough”. FOR THE FULL STORY & WHAT CHARLES BARKLEY SAID CLICK HERE

Some of the things that some out of peoples mouth and social media pages just amaze me sometimes. An Elgin police officer was just stripped of his badge indefinitely for ignorant comments that he posted to his twitter account saying, “Hmmm … innocent victim my a**. Did society a favor,” he captioned a link to […]

The city of Ferguson, MO. is still in an uproar after the murder of Mike Brown. Officials recently released the name of the shooting officer as six yer vet Darren Wilson. FOR MORE LIVE UPDATES CLICK HERE