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Andre 3000 Addresses Possibility Of New Outkast Music
André 3000 is finally talking about new Outkast music.
Don’t get your hopes up though because, while he isn’t ruling out a new Outkast album, he isn’t sold on it either.
“You know, people always ask about me and Big Boi. We cool, man. That’s my homie forever. We were friends before doing music.”

“People ask, so will there be another OutKast album? I really can’t say, man. I do realize that our chemistries have changed. We’re different people. We’re totally different people,” he said.
“Not to say that we won’t be able to make any kind of music, but I think, yeah, people have to realize, chemistry should change after a while.”
  • Do you think that they could make a great album again?