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Chaka Khan shared her life and career details as she prepares for a six-week European tour.
In a candid interview, Chaka Khan shared her humble beginnings as a cover singer in Chicago to team with Ask Rufus, later renamed Rufus and Chaka Khan. “We were all hippies, you know?” she grins. “Seven of
us living in the same apartment, all on welfare… We handled it. We survived. We loved it, really.”
After renaming the band, things got difficult for Chaka. “All of a sudden, I’m all on my own. I had to step forward and be what was really going on. And I didn’t know how to do that.”  Eventually, she turned to
substance abuse.

Chaka continues making music and is fond of newer artists like Sia and Willow Smith. “My journey was necessary – it had to happen so I could come out like I am right now. I wouldn’t have the depth of feeling I do if I
hadn’t gone through the things I went through, you dig?”
  • Which hard times were necessary for your life?