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The second installment of the RHOA reunion aired last night and it dropped us right back in the center of the hostility. Fresh from being dragged across the ballroom like a Swiffer sweeper, Kenya was still up in arms about Porsha’s reaction to her taunting. Sitting perched high on that blue velveteen couch she insinuated that no matter how much someone is aggravating or tormenting you; violence toward them should never be the answer. For a girl from Detroit, who claims all her life she had to fight, she seems very calm about what to do when someone is attacking you verbally. Perhaps Kenya isn’t aware that abuse is not solely physical but also verbal as well and people can only take so much.

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I find it interesting when people say that as grown adults fighting should not be the answer to anything. While I agree, that as a rule folks should keep their hands to themselves, the reality of the situation is – if one feels threatened, one will most likely react. With objects being thrust in her face and being spoken to via a megaphone, Porsha clearly felt her personal space was violated and responded in the only way she felt she could.


As Kenya droned on and on about why Porsha shouldn’t be invited back to the show, the rest of her costars sat with their eyes rolling perfusely and lips smacking loudly. I found Cynthia’s response to be interesting as she stated that she couldn’t understand why Porsha felt threatened. This, from the woman who cries later in the episode about never feeling respected by her closest comrade – but more on that later.

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One by one the ladies begin to address Kenya’s feeble arguments on why she shouldn’t have been yanked by her mane. Phaedra says she knows how to provoke people, while Kandi mentions that she takes things too far. Then Nene speaks up on Kenya’s antics and Kenya finds herself once again trying to get the last word in a battle with the Queen Bee. The final comment from Nene, “Don’t make me call Porsha” was the shadiest of all and the former beauty queen responds to with, “Don’t make me call Marlo.” The pettiness of it all is shining bright like a diamond and for grown women who don’t believe in fighting I find it humorous how they argue back and forth constantly.

Nene Shakes her head

After all the bickering among the ladies there was finally a break for laughs when Mama Joyce showed up. Fit in her new stress induced weight loss body she turned the ballroom into her personal stand up moment. Stressing to Andy Cohen that the comments on her behavior were nice up until everyone thought she had set Todd up, how hard she had worked to make Kandi a millionaire, and how the lovely stage play written by her baby girl was not exactly an accurate depiction of her – she all but asked Andy if he would just give her a spin off right on the spot.

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Mama Joyce set Cynthia and the rest of us straight saying that she does not live off of Kandi but thankfully Kandi shut that down quickly. Through teeth and tears she told her mother that she didn’t mind taking care of her because she wants to but that she does not appreciate her mother pretending it isn’t the case. Here’s the thing, if you have a great relationship with your mom, of course you want to repay her but when she continuously makes it difficult for you to be happy? Something has got to give.

Mama Joyce reunion

Once the Mama Joyce hour came to an end the topic turned toward Cynthia, Nene, and their strained relationship. As Andy asked questions from viewers to Cynthia, Nene sat rather unbothered by it all. Even as her bestie sat in tears while she said that she has never felt respected, Ms. Leakes barely batted her mink eyelash. When she finally did speak she told the room that if Cynthia wanted to further discuss their issues that they would do so alone because no one knew the ins or outs of their lives. I hope that they an reconcile, Phaedra was sure to get Jesus in on it as she prayed throughout the argument for Jesus to help Cynthia and fix the trouble. It is always sad to see when a friendship dissolves between two great friends.

Cynthia Cries

Next week is the final hoorah for the ladies this season and the husbands are showing up; how long do you think it will take before Nene calls Peter a bitch? I have my money on the twenty minute mark. Catch you next week! Until then you can find me at musing and every Friday on Let Leslie Tell It cracking jokes. I’m out!


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