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We’ve all watched Nene Leakes grow into the multi-millionaire reality star she is today. From her early days on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it was clear that her over the top personality and quick wit would make her the show’s breakout star. From day one, we loved NeNe’s antics, cried laughing at her jokes and were thoroughly entertained by her ability to throw shade so effortlessly.

Whether you love or hate NeNe, one thing we can agree on is that she takes the idea of loyalty and friendship very seriously and doesn’t hesitate to end a friendship or two if the other person isn’t acting exactly accordingly. Over the past few years, we’ve watched some of the reality star’s best friends turn into her worst enemies. With part three of the the reunion special of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” just around the corner, let’s revisit the rise and fall of NeNe friendships over the course of the seasons.

1. Sheree Whitfield

On the first season of “RHOA,” Sheree and NeNe appeared to be good friends or at least cordial. They bonded over their dislike for Kim Zolciak (at the time) and love for drinking wine and throwing shade. However, as the seasons progressed, we noticed Sheree and NeNe become distant until eventually, they had a big blow up that ultimately led to Sheree’s dismissal from the franchise altogether. When NeNe sat down with Andy Cohen last year to discuss their big fight, the 45-year-old actress made it clear that she had no intentions on kissing and making up with her former friend. “Sheree, out of all the girls, is the very one person I will never have anything else to do with,” Nene told Andy. “I think Sheree is very evil, I think she is very mean and she is a true b***h. And that’s not cute.”

Sheree didn’t seem to mind that NeNe didn’t want to rekindle their friendship because she too felt that it was time to move on. She also sat down with Andy to give her response, “NeNe, I’m really happy for everything that you’re doing, your success. I don’t understand why, you know, you feel the need to continue to talk about me because I don’t talk about you. Honestly, Andy, I’m really flattered that the rich and famous, the newly rich and famous, still have time to talk about me all day. I don’t know…NeNe, get a life.” 

Well there you have it.


2. Kim Zolciak

Kim and NeNe knew each other way before the “RHOA” franchise even began so it was shocking to see these two end their friendship over petty drama. Things got rocky between the girls when Kim started getting closer to Sheree on season one. And who could forget that hilarious horrible wig pulling incident? Still, the girls seemed to keep their friendship in tact until the middle of season five when Kim was riding the wave of her “music career” and NeNe had a few choice words about it. When Kim invited NeNe on her tour bus, they almost came to serious blows over Kim’s friend/assistant (Sweetie) and NeNe’s dislike for the way Kim treated her. Still, Kim attempted to stick it out and try yet another season of “RHOA” until she couldn’t take anymore and decided to leave the show altogether. Since their blow up, the two have attempted to mend their friendship with NeNe inviting Kim to her big wedding and Kim inviting NeNe to visit her new twins.

It looks like it’s a step by step process for these former besties turned enemies turned acquaintances but hey, something is better than nothing, right?


3. Marlo Hampton

Marlo hugs Nene

Marlo and NeNe’s friendship seemed like it was doomed from the start. The two randomly became friends and bonded over their love for labels and money a few seasons back and their friendship blossomed into a strong bond. Marlo was even featured as one of NeNe’s bridesmaids in her recent wedding. However, when Marlo started to get closer to Kenya Moore on this season of “RHOA”, NeNe wasn’t having it. The two bickered both on and off camera which eventually led to their demise. Marlo was called every name in the book by NeNe from an opportunist to a fake friend. Is it possible that these two could ever be friends again? Marlo told Radar Online, “It’s definitely possible, but where I’m sitting right now in this chair, that’s the last person on my mind. “

Hate to say I’m not surprised.

4. Cynthia Bailey

nene cynthia beef

After Cynthia and NeNe signed a friendship contract, you would think these two would be best friends for life. Apparently, their contract held no weight in real life because that friendship is now completely over. We watched these two fall apart right in front of our eyes when NeNe stepped to Cynthia’s husband, Peter, and called him out of his name. Soon after, Greg and Peter had their falling out over the same issue, adding more fuel to the fire. Although it appeared that NeNe and Cynthia made up over the course of the next couple episodes, things between the couples would never be the same. During the reunion show, the situation was brought up again. NeNe was upset that Cynthia was holding on to her anger and appearing shocked after the episode aired when they had already made up and even hung out with each other after the incident. When asked about their friendship, NeNe confirmed that their friendship had “run its course” and they more than likely wouldn’t become friends again. Read Nene’s full “statement” here.

And another one bites the dust.


Do you think the common denominator in all of NeNe’s failed friendships is NeNe?

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