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When it comes to “Love and Hip Hop,” there’s no doubt that executive producer Mona Scott-Young has gold on her hands. From love triangles and sex tapes to bar fights and pregnancies, this reality TV creator is one of the best in the game. But is it all real? Is she secretly pulling the strings behind all the drama?

Well, Vibe magazine caught up with Mona in a recent interview and she said every storyline is 100 percent real. She called the recent shooting of “L&HHATL” star Benzino a blessing from the “reality gods.”

“The timing and the way that it happened, you have another moment that you go, you can’t make this stuff up,” Mona explained. “It’s like the reality gods have once again chosen this show to smile upon.”

Another realty god-given gift came in the form of a freaky flick by Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko. There are rumors that the show’s production team orchestrated the tape’s release, but Mona insisted that is not true. “I have no vested interest in that tape beyond that it’s part of Mimi’s story,” she told the magazine. But, when she found out about its existence, Mona admitted she had her doubts. “When [Mimi] called and said, ‘The head of one of the biggest porn companies got a copy of it,’ did I have my own questions? Of course. Like, really? How did he know it was you? How did he get your phone number?” she questioned. “Did I go, ‘Oh god, this is gonna be insane in the worst and the best way?’ Yes, absolutely.”

“Ultimately, I’m producing a show that you hope gets ratings and you hope people respond to,” she added. “Good or bad. I’m just here to document it.”

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Do you think producers have any involvement in creating these crazy story lines? Tell us if you believe Mona’s side of things, below.


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