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Ariana Grande has yet to address being groped in front of millions who watched the Aretha Franklin funeral on TV.

It’s undeniable that Bishop Charles Ellis the Third pulled Ariana in close and his hand lingered on her breast. He cracked a lame joke about being out of touch and thinking her last name sounded like a Taco Bell menu item. After social media pounced on the Bishop’s gross misbehavior, he gave a half-hearted apology. (quote) “Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly.”

Her body language spoke volumes. She looked mortified. Three separate times his hand squeezed on her boob. At a funeral. In front of TV cameras. Sickening. (Billboard)

Others suggested that Ariana dressed inappropriately for a funeral service. A journalist from The New York Times tweeted (quote) “You heard of the seven deadly sins? Well the eighth one is exposing your kneecaps in black church.”

Talk About It:

  • Do not blame the woman or her wardrobe for the Bishop’s sexual misconduct.
  • If he’s so comfortable acting this way in front of millions, it begs the question of how he’s behaved with women in private.
  • The real deadly sin is the preacher groping Ariana in God’s house.
  • This bishop’s unholy behavior is just one of the reasons why people leave the church.
  • The Bishop’s daughter, who taught him about Ariana, ought to teach him that the #MeToo movement is serious and real. Real serious.
  • President Bill Clinton sat directly behind Ariana as she sang on stage. His eyes looked her up and down. That day at the funeral, Ariana was molested physically and emotionally.
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