He’s been gone for more than two decades, but fans could be getting new music from the late Tupac Shakur soon.

The Blast reports that ‘Pac’s estate settled a lawsuit with Death Row Records related to unpaid royalties. Now that things are settled, the estate expects to receive a whopping amount of unreleased music, potentially enough for two or three new albums.

The last posthumous project released with Tupac’s name was Pac’s Life back in 2006. Before that, there was Loyal to the Game, executive produced by Eminem.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • You know this is just going to fuel conspiracy theories and barbershop arguments about whether ‘Pac is alive.
  • Do you know how prolific you have to be to still be putting out new music 20 years after your death?
  • Someone needs to confirm the authenticity of these recordings, so they don’t wind up with sound-alikes like on that Michael Jackson album.
Don Juan Fasho

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