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Yep, all Black folks look alike according to media sources from Fox News to The Hill.

The Hill, a popular political outlet since 1994, covered Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Advisor, who is considering running against Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins for the U.S. Senate. Collins voted for Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and has received tons of backlash because she is a woman who voted against a woman who was sexually assaulted.

While covering the story, The Hill used a photo of Condoleezza Rice, who was Secretary of State under President  George W. Bush.

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The Hill’s headline read, “Susan Rice says she has been ‘moved by the enthusiasm’ for her possible Senate run.” See below:

The image has already been changed on their article.

However, Twitter is having a field day with this. One user wrote, “somebody googled ‘Black Rice’ Condeleeza’s picture came up.” Another tweeted, “Don’t they have fact checkers, or editors, or I dunno, any Black people on staff over there?”

Maybe this will further inspire Susan Rice to run against Collins. In case you missed it, Obama’s former White House Communications Director Jen Psaki tweeted, “who wants to run for Senate in Maine? there will be an army of supporters with you.”

Rice replied, “Me.”

Don’t get too excited. According to ABC News, Rice spoke at a panel during The New Yorker Festival and said, “I made the tweet, I later elaborated that this wasn’t where my head was.” She continued, “But I have been moved by the enthusiasm. I’m going to give it due consideration after the midterms.”

Nonetheless, The Hill, Fox News and everyone else who think all Black folks look alike need to do better.


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