The craft brewery BrewDog, which recently opened a beer hotel, is now offering an airline flight from England to the hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

For $1,600, tourists will fly from London to Ohio on a flight featuring food and beer, including one special brew designed to be enjoyed at high altitudes.

These travelers will then spend four days at BrewDog’s hotel, where they’ll be learn about the brewing process and get the chance to drink beer straight from the tap in their rooms. (BroBible)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • When it comes to airline travel, the bar is set pretty low, isn’t it? For sure, safety is — and should be — the number one priority. But, can’t it be a little more comfortable? A little more fun?
  • Other than airline travel, what industries do you think should be doing a better job? Cell phone service used to be worse and they seem to have gotten their act together. What else are you complaining about these days?
Don Juan Fasho

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