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Houston rapper Bun B stood his ground against a home invader who tried to steal his wife’s luxury car.

The would-be-crook knocked on the rapper’s door on Tuesday night. His wife, Queenie, opened it, thinking it might be a package. Instead of a delivery guy, she found a guy with a gun on the other side of the door, demanding valuables. She said he could take the Audi in the garage.

Bun was upstairs and heard the entire thing unfold. He grabbed his gun and confronted the thief as he was getting into the car. The two traded shots, and the bad guy dropped his gun and ran away. A few hours later, when someone showed up at an area hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound in the shoulder, cops came to book him for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary. (Houston Chronicle)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • You’ve gotta be a real fool to mess with an OG like Bun.
  • This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Inside and outside of the rap game, Bun and his family spread nothing but positivity. Good thing they’re OK.
  • People give entertainers crap for traveling with firearms, but this shows that sometimes they’re necessary to keep you and your family safe.
  • I mean, he probably could have just let the guy take the car, and let insurance deal with a replacement, but his pride wouldn’t let him.
  • A gun battle? This could have ended many different ways, most of them bad.
Don Juan Fasho

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