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Pretty Ricky singer, Pleasure P, caught himself a quick lil battery charge for allegedly shoving a Checker’s drive-thru worker! The incident happened yesterday morning (March 5th) in Miami Gardens, FL.

According to TMZ, the police report says that the Checkers worker told cops, the incident started when P began yelling at her through the drive-thru intercom for several minutes because of a mixup with his food order. He then proceeded up to the drive-thru window where he yelled at her even more. He then got out of his car,  handed her the money and when she handed him the order he  “pushed her intentionally with malicious intent in the chest with the food he received.” That’s when she called the cops. Pleasure insists he threw the food, but not at the female fast food worker.

According to TheJasmineBrand, the officer’s report read: “While the defendant was speaking to me his person was emitting a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. I continued my investigation and saw food all over the floor near the drive through window and several employees who corroborated the testimony of the victim.”

Pleasure P was arrested, booked, and later released on a $1500 bond. Pleasure explained to his social media following that he was wrongfully arrested:

Pleasure posted this video explaining his side, with the caption reading, “moving forward we are definitely gonna look into revealing the truth in this situation. This will not go the way they think this is gonna go. I was wrongfully arrested, instead of checkers having better customer service and correcting my order. food was Thrown at me and the staff was very disrespectful. I asked for a refund and she refused to refund me. Like anybody i became upset but not to the point where i got physical with anyone. I think me being in my position, i should have just let her keep the 60 dollars even tho my order wasn’t correct. But hey you live and you learn. Action will be taken on this employee, the officer who wrongfully arrested me will be investigated and my lawyers will be in contact with @checkersrallys Get your tickets to the millennium tour and go get that new pretty ricky single body! Have a blessed day.”

Ok P! Stay out of trouble. You got the Millennium Tour to do!

Pleasure P Arrested for Battery on a Checkers Drive Thru Worker!  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com