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Bill Cosby is heading into battle against CNN accusing the network of trying to tarnish his reputation. TMZ is reporting Cosby’s attorney Martin Singer issued a blistering letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker claiming, the news channel never used an interview with supermodel Beverly Johnson’s former live-in boyfriend Mark Burk to refute her charges against Cosby in their upcoming special. Earlier this month, Johnson wrote an essay in Vanity Fair claiming in 1986 the sitcom star drugged her after being invited to his home for an audition on his self-titled comedy series.  Johnson says she was able to fend Cosby’s advances off by cursing at him, which led for the comedian to put her in a taxi and send her home.

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According to Singer, reporters for CNN reached out to interview Burk about Johnson’s accusations against Cosby but were told she never mentioned the alleged incident to him while they were together. Burk, who lived with Johnson from 2006-2009 claims Johnson was a huge admirer of Cosby’s and even considered him a mentor who she only spoke highly of. Singer claims reporters attempted to force Burk into backing Johnson’s allegations but when he refused, they started to bash his background. Burk even offered to submit documents to CNN corroborate his statements but the network decided to nix his interview. In the letter obtained by TMZ, Singer wrote:

This reckless approach to ‘journalism’ is outrageous. Accusers are being given a national platform by CNN without first exercising the most rudimentary journalistic investigation as to their claims and motivations. In contrast, CNN disregards and attacks sources with anything positive to say about my client or with relevant information undermining allegations that have been made.

Singer also rips into Zucker for not being fair and balance in investigating the charges against Cosby.

This is further evidence that CNN has abandoned journalistic rigor on this story, blindly ignoring and deterring exculpatory information while essentially becoming a willing broadcast agent for any allegation about my client, seemingly from any accuser, without the slightest threshold or standard.

So far CNN has yet to comment on the report.


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