If you are a delivery driver and you are in the Clifton area please be careful while your delivering your packages or food and do  not leave your keys in your car running.

The delivers cars are coming up missing.


Via Fox19

CPD said they are investigating at least 32 reports of car thefts and it seems to be a trend in the Clifton area at this time.

Streets like West Calhoun, West Clifton Avenue, and West McMillian have all been targeted, according to the police reports.

The reoccurring theme in a lot of these cases, according to CPD, the vehicles are used for food delivery.

Don Juan Fasho Show Graphic (updated 2/2020)

Source: Staff / Radio One Digital

“The common dominator is keys were left in the cars and they were delivering food products to people,” said CPD Sgt. Eric Franz.

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