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Scandalites have waited a long time for this, but it’s finally here. A frustratingly brief Season 3 trailer has hit the web. As you know, we left off last season with Joe Morton’s character, the shady guy behind the shadowy government unit B613, being I’D as Olivia Pope’s father. We know that Olivia and Fitz’s affair has been exposed and right before his reelection campaign. And we know that Season 3 picks up about 22 minutes in show time from where it ended. Whoa. In this trailer we don’t find out the answers to how any of that is going to play out. The one big clue is Olivia bursting into an office and saying “What did you do?” Who she’s talking to –  well, we have no idea.

Here are some of what we DO know about Season 3:

Scott  Foley is now a series regular: When last we heard from Jake, he was being shoved into a creepy hole and left for, well, if not dead, then at least, pretty jacked up. He and Olivia had a nice reconciliation beforehand and Olivia basically told him that despite being secduced, spied upon and almost killed, she had no hard feelings about their relationship.

Lisa Kudrow will have a recurring role: Former “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow will play a politician on Season 3. It seems like genius casting as we can totally see her being a snarky, shady politico in the vein of Vice-President Langston. And where is she anyway? We’re kinda missing her these days.

More Gladiator backstories to come: Shonda Rhimes told the media that backstories for both Abby and Harrison will be part of Season 3. We’re REALLY curious as to what Harrison’s diehard loyalty to Olivia is all about. Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to find out this season.

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