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Singer/actress/reality show and now Broadway star Brandy says she feels like a new woman these days. Currently starring as Roxie Hart in the latest Broadway revival of  ‘Chicago’ on Broadway, she also has a new sitcom, Zoe Moon on BET, is recording new music and writing a book about her life.

“I’m so excited. I feel like I’ve restarted my life and restarted my career. I feel super young and dreamy,” Brandy says. “BET just blessed me with my own show again, that’s like a dream come true,” she says. “I’m going to start writing a book and the music. I’ve still got a few notes I’ve got to hit for you.”

Brandy says she wants her book to inspire others not to give up when the going gets tough as it has over her 20-year-career.

“The book is going to be about different parts of my life and how I’ve overcome different trials and tribulations in my life, and how I’ve never really given up. I’m a fighter and I’m a dreamer still and I want to encourage those that are on the verge of giving up. We’ve gotta push through the pain and push through the depression or whatever it is that we face. We gotta push through it.”

Does a little Chardonnay, her character on ‘The Game’  slip into her character as Roxie in Chicago?

“The team here at Broadway has allowed me to  be creative and find my Roxie. A little bit of Chardonnay does slip in and out and they help me to pull back from Chardonnay. [They’re telling me]’Honey this is the 1920’s they didn’t say a bunch of the stuff that y’all do nowadays.’”

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