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Monica Monroe (left) Ryder Cherry (right)


While Los Angeles Lakers players like Kobe Bryant and reality stars the Kardashians rush to visit Lamar Odom in the hospital, many people are speculating just what happened inside the Love Ranch the night Lamar Overdosed.

It has been reported the Lamar Odom had checked in to the Love Ranch Saturday and spent a few days partying with the two women pictured above.  Both Monica Monroe (pictured left) and Ryder Cherry (right) kept Lamar company during his stay at the Love Ranch.  It was also reported that the Love Ranch offers ‘Viagra’ parties amongst other items on their menu.  Lamar had allegedly taken approximately 10 herbal Viagra pills on the evening he was found unconscious in his suite.

So the question that remains unanswered is just what role did these two women play in Lamar Odom’s excessive drug use? And ultimately did they influence him to take such a dangerously high amount of herbal Viagra leading to his overdose?

While we continue to pray for his recovery, we will continue to follow up on the story as it develops and more details are uncovered.

The Love Ranch

The Suite Lamar Odom stay in at the Love Ranch