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Today on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, attorney Benjamin Crump shared the latest developments in the death investigation of Kendrick Johnson. New evidence has emerged that shows the teen was not alone in the high school gymnasium where he died.

Although authorities have denied repeated requests by the parents to view the gymnasium surveillance video, a school official told CNN that other minors were in the gymnasium within 10 minutes of Johnson entering. The school is still refusing to release the recording, on the grounds that state law exempts the release of “education records of a minor child.”

As reported previously, Johnson’s death was determined to be an accident after his body was found inside a rolled up gym mat. The coroner determined that he died of positional asphyxiation, but a second independent autopsy by the family contradicts that ruling by finding signs of blunt force trauma to the neck. Prior to the second autopsy, organs were found missing and the teen’s body was stuffed with newspaper.

Attorneys for the family are filing a motion to ask the judge to hold a coroner’s inquest to change the manner of death, Crump told Martin this morning. If that is done, an investigation will have to follow, he explained.

As for the news that others were present in the gymnasium where Johnson died, Crump responded, “Blur out the faces of the children if you want to protect their identities, but we’ve got to see the video.” Hear the full interview below, and be sure to tune in to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin weekdays at 10 am!

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