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After a disagreement with the city council over his auto exhibition, Rick Ross has declared his intention to run for mayor of Fayetteville, Georgia, the location of his
Promise Land estate.
After discovering that his request for a permit to organize the auto show had been rejected, Rozay boldly asserted on his Instagram Story on Tuesday that the event
would still go ahead as scheduled.

In order to help Fayette County get back on track, Ross went one step further and said that he will be running for mayor in the upcoming election.
Ross said, “I love Fayetteville so much. Next year I’m running for mayor. That’s right. The boss Rick Ross running for mayor of Fayetteville. I wanna know how many
votes did it actually take to vote in the mayor of Fayetteville.”
He continued, “I need to know that ’cause we gon’ become that. We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities,
we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ have to clean some people out.”
  • Which other rapper do you think should run for political office? Why?