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Shekinah Denounces TI & Tiny Separation Rumor

Say it ain’t so! OK.

TI and Tiny are revered as the modern day Huxtables, but rumors that the couple are on the rocks have been swirling for some time now. A series of cryptic Instagram statuses have thrust the couple back into headlines and fans are worried that the “Familly Hustle” may be over.

TI wrote this on his Instagram:

Dis da 1st day of da  rest of my life!!!! IG in da last 24hrs my life has changed!!!! No details necessary…. Just try to accept da change. Cuz it IS upon us. But if u CANT…Den it’s #F-CKwhoever #ImwitWHATEVA…. From now on. And that’s #OnDoeB #OnPhil it’s #Hustegangovererrrrthang #god #Children #ThatCheck IN THAT ORDER!!!!! What God got for me Can’t NOBODY TAKE it away…it’s mines!!!!

Followed by Tiny:

“These n-ggas be acting up & these B’s be letting em! True Story… My fav song right now!!!! So what you saying hoe!”

Shekinah, Tiny’s hairstylist and confidant, denounced the rumors on Instagram, saying “People stop with the BS @majorgirl and @troubleman31 are good!!! (They are still together) Don’t believe everything you hear!!!!! Don’t believe the hype!!!!”

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