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It looks like Zane needs another hot-and-steamy New York Times bestseller because she owes Uncle Sam over $500,000!

According to court documents filed by the government, the “Queen of Erotica” has dodged creditors, including the IRS and the state of Maryland, since 2003 and now her total debt stands at $541,000.

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The Washington Post reports: “In 2010, the Treasury Department placed a tax lien on her imposing house in Upper Marlboro, which Roberts had bought for more than $1 million in 2004. She avoided foreclosure in 2009 after falling 79 days behind on her mortgage payment — with an outstanding amount of $22,457 — before settling the case with her lender, court records show.”

In an effort the collect the large sum, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced Zane, whose real name is Kristina Laferne Roberts, as the state of Maryland’s top individual “tax cheat” last week. She was outed along with 49 other individuals and businesses.

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“Publishing her name on the Web is one of the last steps we take in a very long process,” said Christine Feldmann, a spokeswoman for the state comptroller’s office, told the Post. Feldmann added that the agency cannot file criminal charges to collect the debt, but “can work with the attorney general’s office to investigate.”

The famous author — best known for titles including “Zane’s: The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth” and “Zane’s Addicted” and “Zane’s Succulent Chocolate Flava II — did not return repeated calls and e-mails for comment.


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