Conservative group True the Vote admitted to a Fulton County judge that it has no evidence to support its claims of ballot stuffing. The post MAGA Group Admits To Judge It Has No Evidence To Support Claims Of Illegal Ballot Stuffing In Georgia appeared first on NewsOne.

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Maxine Waters cast doubt on the accuracy of polling finding Joe Biden is losing support among Black voters in favor of Donald Trump. The post Maxine Waters Rejects Narrative That More Black Voters Support Trump: ‘They’re Attempting To Divide Us’ appeared first on NewsOne.

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Donald Trump complained about military forts named for Confederate generals being renamed during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. The post Donald Trump Says It’s ‘Unbelievable’ Military Forts Named For Confederate Generals Are Being Renamed appeared first on NewsOne.

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The Colorado Supreme Court’s disqualification of Donald Trump from the state’s ballot could be overturned by a "hypocritical" U.S. Supreme Court. The post Colorado Disqualifying Trump From State’s Ballot Could Be Overturned By ‘Hypocritical’ US Supreme Court appeared first on NewsOne.

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