12/30/16- It’s the last show of 2016 and Skip Murphy, Jacque Reid and Damon Williams are ending things off with a bang! Get the latest on Serena Williams’ engagement and why Damon says her fiance better have a big ol…bank account. Listen to the funny and find out the TJMS crew is mourning the […]

  12/27/16- Senior Chief Correspondent Damon Williams reports on a Santa with more than just toys on his sleigh and a theif that made off with…racing penguins? Listen to this week’s ignorant news above.

  12/27/16- It’s Tuesday and if you’re back at work, Jacque Reid, Skip Murphy and Damon Williams are giving you the latest on everything from sports and news to entertainment talk.Get caught up above.

  12/15/16- Senior Chief Correspondent Damon Williams reports on a Mannequin Challenge that actually paid off. Find out why this only works for people that aren’t black. Listen to the funny above!

  11/29/16- Senior Chief Correspondent Damon Williams reports on a hockey coach that bumped heads with management so much so that they left hi stranded. Listen to the funny above  


  11/28/16- Recovering from the holiday sales? Find out what happened during Sybil’s unfortunate Black Friday experience, plus Tom and Damon William weigh in on their experiences. Listen above.

  11/25/16-Did you over eat on Thanksgiving? Skip Murphy, Deya Direct and Damon Williams dish on their post-Turkey day festivities and much more.  

Arts & Entertainment

  11/2/16- Happy Wednesday! Sybil and Damon are on a Cubs high and Tom is surprisingly off the bandwagon of the Indians. Listen to his reasoning and find out why another Donald Trump scandal may be on its way!

Arts & Entertainment

  11/1/16- Find out why Tom isn’t adding anymore teams to his bandwagon. So what does this mean for the Cubs? Listen above to hear what the crew says in response!

  9/2/16- Comedian Damon Williams reveals just how bad Hillary Clinton wants to be the next President. Click the link above to hear the funny!

6/07/16- Senior chief Corespondent Damon Williams reports on a bad hair day that went really wrong and  a man that hated his bad really, really bad. Listen to the funny above.

    Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer are reunited in the hilarious comedy Barbershop: The Next Cut. The third installment features an all-star cast…