After all the love and support Devon Still received for his daughter Leah he’s returning the support to Lauren Hill. FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

The support just keeps on pouring in for Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still and daughter Leah. This past Sunday New England Patriot Cheerleaders wore his jersey to show their support in little Leah’s fight against cancer. AMAZING!! CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

The love and support that Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still is getting is truly amazing. As his daughter is recovering from a successful cancer treatment Jersey orders for his number are approaching 10,000 and are set to hit that mark in no time. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE

I recently told you about how the Cincinnati Bengal’s resigned Still’s to their practice squad after they released him. The reason> To help pay for  his 4-year old daughters cancer treatments. 1st the Bengals stepped up now the fans are doing the same by-way of purchasing his jersey to help support. FOR THE FULL STORY […]

This might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of a team doing since forever! The Bengals cut defensive tackle Devon Still after missing numerous team practices. But when it was made clear that the reason was because he was spending time with his 4 year old daughter who’s diagnosed wit stage 4 […]