The University of Wisconsin student government proposes free tuition for Blacks. They get push-back from school administration.


Donald Trump’s administration has decided to refrain from sending his spokespeople to appear on CNN.

Donald Trump is planning the least diverse cabinet since the Reagan White House. He's 'rolling back the clocks.'

A Black firefighter sues the New York City Fire Department. It has a history of diversity issues.


Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer will step down after five years.

Although the media has come a long way with representation of people of color on screens, there’s still work to do. Earlier this week, Variety published a list of Hollywood actors & their respective per-episode salaries, but unfortunately, minority actors make considerably less than white actors. According to reports, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson commands a whopping $400,000 per […]

People of color are underrepresented in the Spring 2016 ad campaigns. And water is wet.

“White men are taking care of themselves in this situation.”   As we get closer to the all-White Oscars, a new report is calling out Hollywood’s “color problem.” The Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity in Entertainment comes out of the University of Southern California and displays concrete evidence about the lack of diversity in Hollywood. The organization’s report reveals Hollywood’s diversity […]

The Real Kings & Queens Of Egypt Must Be Rolling Over In Their Tombs. The 2016 Movie “Gods Of Egypt” Comes Under Staunch Criticism For Casting a Danish, Australian, and Scottish Actor But Very Few AFRICANS Or People Of Color At All! The Whitewashing Of Hollywood Continues As The Controversial Lacking In Diversity Oscars Show Draws […]

The president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences implements plans to diversify the Oscars.   The people (Jada, Will, Snoop Dogg, etc)…