The FTC warns that con artists are targeting vulnerable Black churchgoers. The scam involves a fake government bill paying scheme.

Paying Inside Rather Than At Pumps Is Advised As A Precaution. CLICK HERE for story.

7 Caucasian Defendants Named After 18 Month Undercover Investigation. CLICK HERE for story.

Leroy Barnes (pictured), a dancing hamster on the wildly popular Kia car commercials, is reportedly facing disability fraud charges for collecting in excess of $51,000…

” I was doing it to sustain a lifestyle trying to keep up with Phaedra”, was the reason Apollo gave for masterminding a $2.3 million criminal enterprise that included bank fraud and the reporting of fraudulent tax returns. Now he’s facing 30 years, but struck a plea deal for the feds to leave Phaedra alone… […]

27-year-old Ryan Greer racked up one large bill with a stolen credit card. According to reports, Greer ran up a $20,000 bill at the Townsend…