Ferguson officials have missed crucial deadlines that were set by the Department of Justice in efforts to reform policing procedures.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Illinois has lost more people than any other state during the course of the year.

GREENE COUNTY, MO. – Deputies say a Fair Grove woman walked into her barn last month and found a man trying to have sex with her cow. Darrell Helton, 68, of Nixa, was charged last week with unlawful sex with an animal after he was allegedly caught in the act. According to a probable cause […]

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The states of North Carolina and Missouri are making it harder for individuals to obtain video recorded by police body cameras and dash cams. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon have both signed bills regulating the release of video recordings from police body and dashboard cameras. In North Carolina, the law will allow the people […]

A historic win has led to a typical display of disrespect in the small town of Parma, Missouri. On Tuesday, former city clerk Tyus Byrd…

The grand jury has came to a decision in the shooting death of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson and will be announcing it’s verdict any moment. You can hear all the breaking news live on Old School 100.3 or keep your web browsers locked here, at CLICK HERE FOR UP TO THE MINUTE […]

As far as “post-racial” and “New Black” famous Negroes go, Whoopi Goldberg is a pioneer. When she discusses race, it’s enough to make your average…

Decision Could Come Soon And Preparations Begin. CLICK HERE for story.

Black residents in Ferguson, Missouri are hoping for justice in the Michael Brown case but they are also bracing for the worst possible scenario: That…

A Ferguson, MI officer was shot over the weekend. Police are saying this is in no-way tied to the protests of the shooting death of Mike Brown. FOR ALL THE UPDATES AND FULL STORY CLICK HERE 

A T-shirt company by the name pf grabbed a couple of kids from the same neighborhood as Mike Brown to answer the question, “Does racism still exist?”

John Stewart is probably one of the realest and most fair news castors around. The base of his show is national and world news with a comedy news twist. Watch the below videos as he rips Fox News a new one over their Mike Brown Ferguson, Missouri coverage. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOS