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Michael Jackson’s Alleged Son’s Bogus Paternity Test


Alki David, some opportunist, would like for us to believe that Brandon Howard is the illegitimate son of the late mega star Michael Jackson. And he has the “evidence” to prove it. Brandon’s mother is Miki Howard (who went by the name “Billy” back int he day, hence the famous phrase “Billy Jean is not my lover”) and she allegedly had a relationship with Michael from which Brandon was produced. Cue the line, “but the kid is not my son.”

David even produced a paternity test that backed his claims and streamed the results on his website According to him, Howard’s DNA was a 99.99%  match to MJ’s.

However, it turns out the documents were bogus. Go figure. The logo on the paternity results was the same logo used in the movie “Terminator Salvation.” No really?!

And a word from Brandon, himself:

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