K. Michelle Announces First Solo Country Concert K. Michelle is ready to perform a full set of country music. The singer has just announced her first-ever headlining concert as a country artist. The show will take place Friday, June 28th, at The Eastern in Atlanta, Georgia. K. Michelle, affectionately known as Puddin, announced the gig […]

K Michelle opened up about her auditioning for P Valley. She tried out for the role Mercedes played by Brandee Evans. Via Bossip “Brandee, who plays Mercedes, I auditioned for this part as Mercedes and it was between me and her,” K revealed during her emotional Live. “My body wasn’t together, I had holes in […]

K. Michelle had a “Come to Jesus” moment with a man of God recently. The singer and reality star was spotted arguing with Thaddeus Matthews, better known as “the Cussing Pastor.” She gave ol’ Thad a taste of his own medicine, cussing him out for sinful behavior like sexually abusing children and accusing him of having a […]

K. Michelle is never one to bite her tongue — especially when it comes to someone trying to bite her swag. Over the weekend , the singer was in petty mode after Kylie Jenner debuted her new hairstyle that people are calling “highlighter” hair at a Coachella party. The only problem with Kylie’s new bright […]

K. Michelle has already solidified her role as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry — now the singer is taking her talents to the liquor business. Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails recently announced its latest collaboration with the Tennessee native for its newest flavor, Southern Peach. We chatted with K. about partnering up with […]

So guess who showed up to the Wendy Williams set and ready to pop off? None other than the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez. The Love & Hip Hop reality star had to set Wendy straight on a few topics and rumors. Once you comb through her rich accent, you may be pleasantly surprised at […]

Don’t come for K. Michelle and her complexion, because she will not hesitate to drag you. The VH1 star went off on a fan that thought she was looking a wee bit off-color in a picture posted to Instagram last night. Here’s the shot: K. Michelle was feeling her beat and latest hair look, so […]

K. Michelle revealed that she spent her Christmas taking legal action against unidentified offenders that have made her life a living hell. “What was meant for my bad yesterday actually turned out for my good. For over 4 months now I’ve been stalked and threatened,” K. Michelle revealed in a Christmas post on Instagram. “I’ve […]

K.Michelle thinks it’s time to make a change to her signature look, so she’s getting rid of her booty enhancements. Aside from her out-of-this-world vocal skills, K.Michelle has always been known for her curvaceous shape. It’s almost the first thing people notice about her appearance. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing for some entertainers, […]