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Marlon Wayans Reacts To Drama Among Black Comics

 Recently, Marlon Wayans shared his opinion of Black Comics feuding with each other publicly and how he isn’t a fan of it.

Wayans said, “I think this is a gentleman’s game. It’s comedy. I don’t like all of the disharmony.”

He continued, “I think for comedy and Black comedy. It’s important for people to see love, respect and laughter. Not everybody has that experience but that’s the experience that I come from.”

He added, “I’m not going to sit there and talk bad, even if I have a problem with somebody, I’ll probably call them up and have a sit down. And if there is a beef with Dave or Kat or somebody, I’ll be the first to get on the phone with Dave and call Kat’s people, me and Rick Grant like, ‘Yo, let’s set a meeting.'”

Wayans continued, “To see our heroes fight, I don’t think that’s why we’re here. We are here to be examples, not just in the industry, but with our behavior. We’re here to be examples for those coming up behind us.”

  • What do you think of Marlon Wayans’ opinion?