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By BridgetEE

Robert Glasper (born April 5, 1978 in Houston, Texas, United States) is an American jazz pianist and record producer. His 2012 album Black Radio won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Album at the 55th Grammy Awards.

The essence of love, romance and sex is embodied in music. BLACK RADIO is the womb of this essence giving birth to all the maturations that we so desire. This essence SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT, looks like AFRO BLUE and ALWAYS SHINE. The LIFT OFF MIC CHECK is a LETTER TO HERMOINE that opens up CONSEQUENCE OF JEALOUSY but allows us to CHERISH THE DAY and AH YEAH makes us remember WHY DO WE TRY to MOVE LOVE because we know it’s GONNA BE ALRIGHT…SAY WHAT SAY WHAT SAY WHAT?? The Robert Glasper Experiment allows all of this by bring together the parents of this soul shattering aura of artistry. The queen of cipher herself Erykah Badu, seed of a legend Lalah Hathaway, the power and versatility of Ledisi, staying power of Meshell Ndegeocello, the multifaceted Stokley Williams, jazz spirited Musiq Soul Child & Chrisette Michele and the field Generals of the music revolution Shafiq Husayn, Bilal, King and Mos Def….that was well worth the run on sentence. Who and What is The Robert Glasper Experiment? The greatest form of Jazz Fusion and an experiment/experience that you will never regret testing. Strap up and enjoy the sampling of BLACK RADIO along with a word of relationship advice from Rob Hill Sr. as well as Mr Glaspers tag team partner for Cleveland Ledisi. Remember to please LISTEN RESPONSIBLY you might give birth to a test tube baby…;)

“It’s not on us to change people, it’s on us to Love them… And if our love doesn’t inspire any change in them then that’s not the person we’re supposed to be with..” . Good love requires us to grow, it challenges us, and when it’s real, it ends up changing us for the better. But it’s not on me to change you before I genuinely try to love you. And it does me no good wishing you were different because love starts with acceptance. So if I spend all my time wishing parts of you weren’t there, I can never fully love you in a way that makes you better…Rob Hill Sr

Cover of May Issue Essence Magazine Essence Presents: Ledisi “The Truth Tour” special guest Robert Glasper Experiment


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